Traditional keeping of Japanese honeybee

How to take care of Japanese honeybees

Since the Japanese honeybee is resistant to disease and predators, ,they need hardly any care.

so all I have to do is just watch them.

↓The entrance of Japanese honeybees

↓Collecting nectar of flower


↓Japanese knotweed

In followin movie, Japanese honeybee collecting the nectar of cayratia japonica

Honeybees collect not only nector but also pollen

Pollen is yellow, orange or white and so on.

The color of pollen was decided by flower.

In followin movie, bees carry yellow and orange pollen.

When they get home, they tell other bees where flowers are.

↓Inside of hive box

They are dancing to tell the place there are many flowers.

↓Bee dance

◆In winter


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